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Crooked Rider or Horse?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Have you ever wondered if it is you or your horse that is the main root of your problems?

Do you find lateral work easier one way than the other?

Does your saddle slip/move?

Do you end up with back/hip/shoulder pain after a hard schooling session?

Have you worn your gloves/boots unevenly?

I have been offering Rider Analysis sessions for a number of years now to help identify problems in performance for riders and horses alike. These sessions can help in a number of ways: - Highlight horse weakness/lameness

- Highlight Rider weakness

- Highlight Rider crookedness

- Highlight dysfunctional movement patterns in both horse and rider.

- Provide Physiotherapy hands on treatments to help improve alignment in both horse and rider.

- Provided Individual exercise programs' in both horse and rider to help with the highlighted areas of weakness/tightness/crookedness.

As an ACPAT Physiotherapist I am able to assess and treat both you and your horse as one whole partnership.

Rider Analysis sessions can be made for your benefit (1 1/2 hour session) or for focus on both you and your horse (2 1/2 hour session).

Once an Initial Analysis has been done I am able to focus on either you or your horse more specifically with follow up sessions either with hands on treatments or with exercise/Pilates programs to help maintain & progress the benefits of the initial analysis.

For more information Please contact me at or 07944338138.

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