" I have always had a love of animals and now through my job I am able to work with them on a daily basis, I couldn't ask for a better job".

Paula has over 15 years of experience with horses and dogs. She has competed both on a  local and affiliated level. Through her amateur competative career she has had involvement with vets, physiotherapists, saddlers, blacksmiths and dentists and is aware of the importance of team working when trying to keep horses fit and active for competitions. The involvement with a veterinary physiotherapist who worked closely with behavioural specialists was what first drew Paula's attention to the job. Since then Paula has been striving to achieve her MSc in Veterinary Physiotherpy and in March 2012 she finally completed it. Her MSc was based on the spinal curvatures in horses backs and if there is a predisopsition to muscular back pain-pressure thresholds. No significant relationship was found between the thoracolumbar spinal curvature and epaxial muscle back pain-pressure thresholds.

During her time between quallifying as a Chartered Human Physiotherapist until July 2012 (6 years) Paula worked within the NHS. She has had experience with orthopeadic, musculoskeletal and neurological problems within the human patient. She now treats her human clients on a domiciliary basis and through a private practice., based in Sessay, Thirsk.    


ABOVE: Paula treating muscle spasm in a horses back 

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