Human Physio

As an ACPAT physio I am a Chartered Human Physiotherapist who went on to specialise in animals, but I do still treat and keep up to date with my human work.

There is an increasing level of awareness into the relationship between rider posture and the horse. More and more research is being produced into the effects that the rider, saddle, saddle cloth, bit and bridle have on the horses behaviour and biomechanincs (movement). Poor alignment and stability of the rider can lead to altered movement by the horse and difficutly to perform specific tasks, for example being able to leg yield well to the right but not to the left. It can lead to poor or reduce performance by the horse and rider and both will compensate for each other in turn. 

I currently provide:  

  • APPI Pilates classes for horse riders
  • Get Fit for riding classes (specialist work out programs designed for you as an individual to improve your riding posture/balance/strength)
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Rider Analysis & Equicise sessions on a mechanical horse with cameras and computer analysis system.

These services are provided from a specialist rider centre based in Sessay, North Yorkshire. Some of you may know it as it was previously Personal Best Rider Physio.  


If you are interested in any of the above services please contact me on my mobile: 07944 338138.

I offer Pilates and Get Fit for riding sessions on a 1:1 and group basis.

Paula Drury Veterinary Physiotherapy

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